2019.08.03 — 2019.08.10

Family trip to a majestic natural beauty, Iceland. Bellow you find a list of my:
• Must see
• Must eat
Nice to know​​​​​​​
Meet my travel squad
• Golden Circle (very touristic)
• Pingvelir: National Park
• Geysir 
• Gullfoss 
• Seljalandsfoss 
• Skogar waterfall 
• Reynisfjara: Black Sand Beach
• Gletser, skaftafellsjokull 
• Jokulsarlon (diamonds)
• Hengifoss
• Detifoss
• Skutustadahreppur: sulfur lake 
• Maar viti: crater
• Námaskarð
• Myvatn
• Godafoss
• Kolugljúfur
• Gadur lighthouse
• Blue lagoon
• Dalaleid
• Capital Reykavik
• Barnafoss
• Namafjall
• Jarobodin (natural pool)
• Svartifoss

• Randulffs Seahouse 
• Strikið Sushi Restaurant
• Forrettabarinn restaurant
• Kef Restaurant
• Forretta Barinn

• Fjord = cove of the sea in the land
• Foss = waterfall
• We recommend you to do this trip with a camper. 
• Even in the summer, foresee warm clothes.
• Even if you can’t see the cops, respect the speed limit. They can see you!
• Be prepared for this kind of roadtrip, look for activities, places, etc in advance.
• A lot of free walking sheeps, even on the main road
• There is just 1% wood on the Island because of the gletjser and volcanic eruptions. 
  A lot of wood was also used to heat the houses. There is a program to reforest the island.
• Prometheus filmed the opening scene at the Gullfoss Waterfall 
• Detifoss is the most powerfull waterfall of Europe

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