Chosen subject for a book: Passion.
For my final project (Luca School of Arts) I had to make a book with a topic of choice. I believe that having a passion is really interesting, that's why I searched for people with all different kinds of passions. I investigated the reasons of why it is so fascinating to have one. This is my way of inspiring other people who are still looking for their passion. ​

I found people with varying passions and followed them for one day. They told me all about how it became a passion. Taking pictures while these people where occupied with their passion made the story come alive. Hearing the different stories and seeing how passionate they are, inspired me, that's what I want to show other people.
As you can see, I used my passion for my project, Photography.
What is passion? What is the difference between a passion and a hobby? What kinds of passion exist? Who has a passion? What can they tell about their passion? Why are they so passionate about it? This was a very inspiring project to discover all the answers. Inspire yourself by discovering all those different kinds of worlds.

I want to thank: Antoine Struyf, Alexis Guiette, Ysaline Van Dessel, Antoine Misselyn, Christian Misselyn, Maïté Ghyssaert, Jess Cooper,
Youri Luyten, Louis Vandeputte, Anne-Claire Dalle, Raphaëlle Verhoustraeten, Gaël Misselyn, Jean Devel, Karin Iijima, Daniel Coens, 
Victor Verhoustraeten, Christophe Misselyn, Kris Dexters, Alain Verhoustraeten, Melvin Michielsens and Dennis Wauters.

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